Spotlight on Sustainability at The RJ Mitchell Primary School

Glenman is close to completing a development of 18 residential terraced units comprising shared ownership and affordable rent at Kilmartin Way, Hornchurch. 

In conjunction with the local authority, some members of our site team had the opportunity to visit and meet with pupils at The RJ Mitchell Primary School.With great support from the Headteacher, Mr Barry Read, our team presented to pupils, teachers and parents some of the current practices for developing sustainable buildings, using sustainable technology on a housing project, to promote resource conservation (materials, energy, water) and to lessen the impact on the environment through recycling and waste management.


At Glenman, we pride ourselves on adopting green methods of construction in delivering public service buildings, such as schools. Our team delivered a tailor-made presentation designed to provide schoolchildren with a comprehensive lesson in sustainable technologies including solar photovoltaic panels, high-efficiency windows (timber alu-clad), S.U.D.S drainage system, and recycling of aggregates among many other educational topics.

From the green construction building methods presented, we were thrilled to see the children’s enthusiasm when they learnt that solar panels could transform the sun’s rays into electricity and that timber aluminium composite windows enhance the lifespan of the building, through drainage and ventilation.

Following the presentation, contracts manager, John Doyle and site manager, Adrian O’Connell, were on hand to answer the numerous questions about sustainability. The children were encouraged to think creatively about how they would improve sustainability, and their responses gave us some interesting thoughts to reflect upon. In fact, they brought us back to basics and reminded us that green building is based on the simplest ideas that nature perfected millennia ago.

Speaking to the children directly about green construction techniques demonstrates a company objective to always be willing to go the extra mile in giving back to the community, which in this case will help to develop a better learning environment. Through these type of presentations, we aim to demonstrate that best practice are at the heart of everything we do.

Therefore, in the spirit of promoting green building, here is our challenge to you. By reading this article, you may wish to connect with the green building industry. Our gentle challenge to you the reader, is to take what you know and let us sow the seeds for future green builders. For example, if you have children or young relatives or know someone in your life who is a teacher, why not see if you can share your ideas, experience, and knowledge of green building practices with them? You can find out more about Glenman’s approach to school construction here.

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