Environmental and Sustainability


Glenman Corporation Ltd is committed to minimising harm to the environment, meeting the statutory obligations in all of its operations, as well as continuous improvement in its Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) performance.


In order to achieve this aim Glenman has put in place a comprehensive Environmental, Management System, which is continually audited and performance objectives are set and benchmarked regularly. Glenman UK is currently working towards accreditation to ISO 14001:2004 as an endorsement of the high standards to which it has always aspired.


Glenman has extensive experience in ‘Green’ construction methods and has recently completed two primary schools to ‘Passive House’ standards. It is hoped that this will be the next generation low energy school project. Passive Energy for schools involves; a high level of insulation, an airtight envelope  (< 0.9m³/sec/m² @ 50 Pa), a compact build, an efficient heating / mechanical ventilation system and the avoidance of thermal bridging.


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Corporate Social Responsibility


Glenman Corporation Ltd is aware of the huge responsibility and impact it can have on improving the image of construction both within and outside the industry. As a result, it has developed a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy focusing on the following.


Customers: In order to retain existing and attract new customers Glenman is committed to providing the best service ‘right first time…. every time’.


Suppliers: Glenman’s first objective is to support local suppliers, build on existing relationships & create new ones thus supporting the local community.


Environment: In addition to maintaining its OHSAS 18001: 2007 accreditation, Glenman is committed to the reduction of waste, the reuse and recycling of as much waste material as possible, the prevention of waste at design stage and a better control of material resulting in less wastage.


Communities: Glenman actively encourage its staff’s voluntary involvement in the local community and continues to support as many charities as possible.


Employees: Glenman promotes good working conditions & practises in order to retain & motivate existing staff, to attract new staff and to reduce accidents.