Art Workshop Encourages Community Spirit and Artistic Expression

Camberwell Library and Glenman hosted an art workshop for the local community living on Brisbane and Caspian streets on Saturday, June 10. The workshop was part of a social value initiative for the Lomond Grove project located in Southwark.

A workshop was held to encourage greater participation in the hoarding poster competition, which would take place in July. The event was also a fun and creative activity for everyone.

Twenty-one children aged 6 to 11 years attended, and they were all encouraged to use their drawing skills to create posters. The children were given a variety of materials to work with, including markers, crayons, and coloured pencils.

Local artist Edward Fatunla led the workshop. He helped the children make their own unique posters. Edward offered guidance and support, but he also encouraged them to experiment and express themselves freely.


Commenting on the event Edward stated, “It was packed and very successful. The children learned a lot in a small space of time.’’
The result was a variety of beautiful and creative posters, which will be displayed on the hoardings around the construction site.
Marilyn Moore, from Southwark council, commented, “The session was well attended and enjoyed by the children who were very excited on the day. The children were engaging and attentive throughout the workshop.”

In addition to being fun and creative, the art workshop also had other benefits. It helped to bring the community together as people came together to create something beautiful for their shared environment.

It also promoted the values of artistic expression as participants were encouraged to explore their creativity and share their unique visions.

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