Employee Spotlight – Bupesh Hirani

We sat down with Bupesh Hirani this week to find out what he does at Glenman.

What is your job title?

Graduate Design Coordinator

How long have you been working for Glenman?

2 months

Tell us a little bit about your educational and professional background.

I completed a BSc in Architecture at the University of Reading. My understanding of what the design world entails has improved as a result of my work placements at three distinct practices. Working on various scale and building-type projects within this profession have allowed me to investigate all the various building-related disciplines. However, in the construction industry, you have the opportunity to improve businesses, spark interest in local communities, bring people together and provide better living standards. Working at Glenman has given me the opportunity to work with the greatest people, actively supporting and encouraging their employees and providing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

What is a typical day in Glenman like for you?

As a design coordinator, it is my responsibility to gather and evaluate construction designs that adhere to organisational needs and financial constraints. By determining the resources and materials to be used as well as the anticipated time for project deliverables. I work closely with Eddie Conlon, the Design Manager and I also coordinate with the clients, to offer progress updates. I work closely with the design team with reviewing drawings and flagging up problems that may affect the design further down the line, we aim to mitigate risks to ensure that the design meets the client’s requirements. My responsibility in the role is evolving each day as I get to learn new things from my colleagues.

Tell us about the current project you are working on.

Currently, I have been working on the Wensley Road regeneration project in Reading which consists of two phases, the phase 1 scheme includes a new masterplan including reconfigured parking areas and streets, a reimagined central green space and play facilities, along with 46 affordable homes, designed to achieve net zero carbon. The refurbishment of the three existing 15-storey buildings is proposed as the second phase of the Wensley Road regeneration project.

Tell us about your hobbies!

Travelling is one of my primary interests; I enjoy discovering fascinating new places, learning about other cultures and even picking up a new language. I also like playing the dhol, a traditional Indian instrument and scenic live painting, which helps me to develop and stimulate my creative side.

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