Employee Spotlight – Toby Gilding

We sat down with Toby Gilding this week to find out what he does at Glenman.

What is your job title?
Design coordinator

How long have you been working for Glenman?
3 months now

Tell us a little bit about your educational and professional background.
I studied Architecture at the University of Nottingham for the first 6 years and then went to Westminster University for the final year. I worked as an Architect in London for almost 7 years working on a range of projects before deciding to make the jump to work contractor side with Glenman.

What is a typical day in Glenman like for you?
Lots of emailing between the client team, design team and contractor team to ensure everyone is on the same page but the bulk of my day is spent reviewing drawings from the design team and subcontractors to ensure they are coordinated and comply with the Employer’s Requirements and Building Regulations.

Tell us about the current project you are working on.
I’m working on two social housing projects for the London Borough of Newham; Romford Road and New Barn Street. They are both relatively small buildings at just 11 and 8 flats respectively, but are both on tight sites and have relatively tight programmes so they have been a good introduction to working for Glenman.

Tell us about your hobbies!
All pretty standard really – music, gym, cooking, reading, love going to exhibitions for all kinds of design too. I grew up by the sea and used to be really into kayaking but don’t really have the opportunity to do that in London.

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