Employee Spotlight – Funmi Ogundemi

We sat down with Funmi Ogundemi this week to find out what she does at Glenman.

What is your job title?

Graduate Design Coordinator

How long have you been working for Glenman?

6 months

Tell us about your professional background (education, previous employment)?

My route started when I went to University and gained a BA degree in Architecture. I loved Architecture, but the idea of only doing CAD drawings every day wasn’t for me. I wanted to know more about the whole building process – beginning to end. I decided to pursue a further degree in Construction Project Management, where I was fortunate to meet individuals already established in the industry. I found a programme called TfL Women into Transport and Engineering programme (delivered in partnership with Women into Construction) which enabled me to find a placement opportunity here at Glenman Corporation Ltd.

What is a typical day in Glenman like for you?

My days in Glenman are never the same and there is always something new to look forward to, but my tasks revolve around the following:

• Attending meetings such as design team meetings and progress review meetings
• Reviewing design drawings to identify problems. Sending feedback to the design team
• Monitoring design production and information

My goal is to continue to enhance and develop my skills and knowledge. I want to build a successful career to be able to inspire and attract more young women into the industry.

Tell us about an interesting project/s you have worked on since joining Glenman.

The projects I’ve been working on are Beaumont Rise and Wensley Road, which are both residential developments. Both projects are particularly unique in how each stage gets carried out. Each project never fails to create a rewarding feeling when you see the progress you and the team have made.

What are your hobbies? Tell us what a typical weekend looks like for you?

I certainly enjoy the creative arts from dancing and music to writing to painting as they enable me to express myself and create memories.

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