Glenman Construction Inspires Young Minds Through Book Reading Event

Glenman Construction, recently organised a remarkable book reading event at St Mary & All Saints C of E Primary School in Reading. The event featured Glenman’s Site Administrator, Phil Clark, who not only works on the Wensley Road project but is also the talented author of the book ‘The Accelerated Adventure of Sebastien Swift.’

This captivating story draws inspiration from Phil’s godson, Seb, who bravely confronts a dextro-transposition heart defect. Through this extraordinary book, Phil aims to shed light on Seb’s experiences and raise awareness about this medical condition.

The book reading event brought a wave of excitement and enthusiasm to the children at St Mary & All Saints C of E Primary School. Many of these children lacked opportunities for engagement and were eager to dive into the world of storytelling and literacy. The event was a great initiative that provided them with a unique platform for exploration and learning.

Teachers and attendees were delighted with the event, recognising the positive impact it had on the children. One teacher commented, “This is a great initiative as the children lacked opportunities for engagement. This will have a positive impact on the children, providing them with valuable benefits and nurturing their involvement in storytelling and literacy.”

By listening to Phil Clark’s book, ‘The Accelerated Adventure of Sebastien Swift,’ the children had the opportunity to not only be entertained but also to learn about the challenges faced by Seb, the book’s protagonist. Phil’s personal connection to Seb’s experiences made the story relatable and inspiring for the young audience. The children gained a deeper understanding of empathy and resilience as they witnessed Seb’s courage in confronting his heart defect.

“If my words inspire one original thought or idea, then I feel my writing is worthwhile,” shared Phil Clark, author, and Site Administrator from Glenman Construction. “It was a humbling and truly heart-warming experience to see the children react so positively to the book reading. Just like the characters in the book, I hope the children will learn that it doesn’t matter what holds you back, it only matters how hard you push forward.”

At the book reading event, an engaging activity was organized for the children, where they were encouraged to create illustrations of their own superpowers, drawing inspiration from the story. A total of 125 children from years 3 to 5 actively participated in this interactive session, as their creativity and imagination were unleashed. The activity provided a platform for the children to express themselves and fostered a deeper connection with the characters and themes of the book.

During the book reading event, Glenman Construction generously donated copies of ‘The Accelerated Adventure of Sebastien Swift‘ to the school library, ensuring that the captivating story would continue to inspire and engage children for years to come. By providing this valuable resource, Glenman Construction demonstrated its commitment to promoting literacy and fostering a love for reading, leaving a lasting legacy of inspiration within the school community.

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