Glenman Corporation Empower Students’ Career Aspirations through Careers Carousel Event

Glenman Corporation, in collaboration with Inspire, recently participated in a Careers Carousel event held at William Ellis School in Camden to provide valuable insights and inspiration to students.

Jason Bryan, our Senior Site Manager for the Tottenham Mews Project, represented Glenman Corporation as a volunteer. This was a social value attribution for our Tottenham Mews project in Camden.

During the event, Jason Bryan and other volunteers shared their career journeys and information about their industry with students.
Each volunteer had five minutes to discuss their respective careers, inspiring those interested in pursuing similar paths.

Following the presentations, students had the opportunity to ask questions and seek further guidance from the volunteers.

Glenman Corporation
Tottenham Mews

Commenting on the event Jason stated, “Participating in the Careers Carousel event was a valuable experience for the students and me. It broadened their understanding of career paths, provided practical insights, and opened their eyes to future possibilities. Proud to be part of such a meaningful event, empowering the next generation of Builders.”

To ensure maximum engagement, the volunteers rotated between different groups of students, allowing them to reach as many young individuals as possible.

This approach aimed to expose students to a wide range of career possibilities and empower them to make informed decisions about their future.

Through continued efforts to expand access and break down barriers, Glenman Corporation contributes to creating a brighter future for the next generation, where every individual can realise their potential and pursue fulfilling careers.

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