Glenman Corporation Empowers Students at South Bank University Academy’s Careers Networking Event

Glenman Corporation, recently partnered with Construction Youth Trust to host an impactful careers networking event at South Bank University Academy. The event aimed to provide students from Year 12 with valuable insights into the construction industry, offering guidance on various roles, career paths, and potential routes for those interested in pursuing a future in the field.

The event was attended by Sean Og Boyle, Site Engineer at Glenman’s Penry Street Project in Southwark, who shared his knowledge and experience, offering valuable insights into the breadth of professional career opportunities available across the industry.

Glenman Construction
Penry Street

Commenting on the event Sean stated, “The interaction with the pupils at Southbank UA was a great opportunity for both me and the students. It gave them a chance to ask questions about my career, my journey into the construction industry, and my daily responsibilities. It was also great to see such a positive female representation interest in a career in construction. It was truly a rewarding experience for all involved.”

By connecting education with real-world applications, students gained a deeper understanding of how their academic pursuits can align with the construction field. The event served as an inspiring platform for students to engage with a professional, ask questions, and gain practical insights.

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