Glenman Corporation Inspires Young Entrepreneurs at Nelson Primary School’s Dragons Den Session

Glenman Construction together with Inspire! organised a Dragons Den Session at Nelson Primary School in Newham. The session provided an opportunity for students in Year 6 to design sustainable products and develop business plans.

The event was attended by our Social Value and Sustainability Coordinator, Katherine Price, and Administrator, Tiffany Coyne. This was a social value initiative for Our New City Road Project.

The opportunity for the students to design sustainable products and services not only allows for the teaching of practical skills but also nurtures a mindset of sustainability, as demonstrated through their sustainable product designs and business plans.

Glenman Corporation Construction Dragons Den Workshop

This showcases the student’s ability to think critically about the impact of their actions on the planet.

Commenting on the event Katherine Price stated, “I was thoroughly impressed by the remarkable ideas and exceptional execution displayed in the sustainable products created by the talented students of Nelson Primary School. It was exciting to see the next generation of innovators focusing their attention on sustainable solutions.”

This learning experience enabled the children to develop skills in the basics of entrepreneurship, such as market research, financial planning, and marketing. By learning about these concepts, children can gain a deeper understanding of sustainability and entrepreneurship. They can develop the skills they need to be successful in the future.

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