Glenman Corporation Participates in Successful Mock Interview Session at Springwest Academy

Glenman Corporation recently participated in a Mock Interview Session held at Springwest Academy in Hounslow.

This social value initiative aimed to provide valuable career guidance and enhance the employability skills of Year 10 students.

The Mock Interviews featured 25 external visitors from diverse employment sectors, including the construction industry.

The students arrived dressed in smart business attire, exuding confidence, and determination.

They left a lasting impression on the guests with their charisma, ambition, and impressive academic prowess.

Representing Glenman, Sarah Dissanayake, our Marketing Coordinator, shared her enthusiasm for the event.

Glenman Corporation Spring West Academy Sarah Dissanayake

She expressed her genuine admiration, stating, “I was thoroughly impressed by the students’ exceptional professionalism and their remarkable ability to answer questions with unwavering confidence. Their level of poise and knowledge truly stood out, leaving a lasting impression on me.”

During the Mock Interviews, students were assessed based on their eye contact, body language, and manners.

Each interview lasted approximately 10 minutes, after which students received personalised feedback on areas for improvement.

The Year 10 Mock Interviews proved to be a successful career intervention. Although some students found the experience challenging, it served as a catalyst for enhancing their interview skills and boosting their confidence.

Through this process, they gained a better understanding of the interview process and how to present themselves effectively.

Springwest Academy and Glenman Corporation collaborated to provide this valuable opportunity, preparing students for their future careers.

The Mock Interview Session not only provided practical insights but also fostered a sense of motivation and aspiration among the students.

As a socially responsible organisation, Glenman Corporation is proud to have contributed to the success of this event.

By actively participating in initiatives like these, the company strives to inspire and support the next generation of professionals.

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