Glenman’s Squash Initiative in Newham

As part of Glenman’s social value initiative to leave a positive legacy in Newham, we’ve created a new and exciting Glenman-sponsored initiative to encourage sports participation and healthy lifestyles through squash.

The programme is currently taking place with the goal of getting lots of children involved with squash and giving them the opportunity to transition into England Squash’s Squash Stars programme for lifelong play.

The initiative has been offered to up to 12 schools in the Newham area targeting approximately 350 primary and secondary school students.

This is an absolutely brilliant initiative, thought up and introduced by our very own Head of Bids and Social Value, Jillian Lilico. As an England squash team player and former Commonwealth Games participant, Jillian is enthusiastic about increasing junior participation and diversity in this sport which is great for whole-family participation and for building mental resilience.

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