Meet the Buyer events

Glenman were delighted to host two virtual Meet the Buyer events this week on Tuesday the 20th of September. The events allowed us to showcase our new developments in Newham (New Barn Street and Romford Road) and Southwark (Lomond Grove and Slippers Place) to Newham and Southwark-based subcontractors.

The virtual Meet the Buyer events gave diverse local subcontractors the opportunity to meet the Glenman Quantity Surveying team and to express interest in the various subcontractor packages.

Jillian Lilico, Head of Bids and Social Value at Glenman organised the event and said, “It is important that Glenman run Meet the Buyer events as it allows us to refresh and diversify our database and also enables access by local businesses to supply chain opportunities that arise from the presence of our construction projects in local communities. Our QS team were introduced to new and credible trades who will go on to pre-qualify with us and hopefully win new business in the coming months. This in turn will reinforce economic development and support community wealth-building in Southwark and Newham. To achieve this, we’ve committed to inviting at least one local trade to bid for construction packages where sector representation exists locally.”

Kieran McCarthy, Managing QS at Glenman said, “I am delighted that so many local businesses joined us for our recent virtual Meet the Buyer events, it has always been a priority for us to engage locally, by supporting local suppliers and return value to the local areas.”

Both events were a great success, and we were delighted with the turnout.

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